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Wildlife in Ladakh

Wildlife in Ladakh

Being a high altitude area, wildlife of Leh Ladakh is very unusual as compared to the whole of India. Wildlife explorers consider it to be a unique geographical haunt supporting a distinct variety of plants and animals. Since it is a cold dry desert, so it also qualifies to be a photographer’s delight as there are several excellent moments to capture some beautiful species with a mesmerizing white background set up. Let us find out more about the flora, fauna and avifauna of Leh Ladakh region:

Flora: There is no dense plant growth in Leh Ladakh as it is an area covered entirely with snow, sparse vegetation is the right word to describe it. Not receiving rains as such, here trees such as fir, juniper are found. Vegetation starts disappearing as we move towards the higher altitudes.

Fauna: It is interesting to note that the animal species of Leh Ladakh have adapted themselves well to the great climatic variations. Some of the fauna inhabitants of Leh Ladakh are Yaks, Blue Sheep, Ibex, Kyang etc, Snow Leopard being the showstopper. Along with all these many endangered species also dwell here for example Chiru.

Avifauna: Boasting of a diversity of avifauna (310 recorded species), Leh Ladakh is very rich in bird variety. There are big birds of prey such as Golden eagle, some special varieties of vultures dwelling. Also there are species like Black necked crane, chukar, fork-tailed swift and many more seen here.
Ladakh offers a great experience to wildlife lovers and bird watchers in the form of Hemis National Park. It is the largest National Park in India and is therefore a major tourist attraction. Talking about the kind of vegetation, Hemis embraces beautiful pine forests and lands with alpine shrubs growing all over. Considerable numbers of snow leopards can be spotted prancing through the park. Also found here are Eurasian Brown Bear, Red fox, Golden Eagle, Tibetan Snowfinch, Shapu etc.