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Tips and suggestion

Tips & Suggestion

Leh Ladakh is tucked on a high altitude and distinct from the rest of India, so there are several things that the travellers must keep in mind while planning a Leh Ladakh tour:

  1. Necessaries: When you travel Leh Ladakh, there are some things which qualify as necessaries. Water bottles for example should be kept handy all the time and also warm clothing is a must to beat the cold weather.
  2. Language: English and Hindi are used at places like restaurants, hotels, offices etc. but the language spoken widely by the locals is Boti.
  3. Mountain Sickness: Altitude sickness can affect anyone visiting Leh Ladakh therefore rest is advised on the day of arrival. High blood pressure, heart and asthma patients should avoid planning a trip here.
  4. Money and exhange: ATMs of nationalised as well as private banks can be found in Leh city making it convenient for the tourists to withdraw cash whenever they want. But one thing to note is that credit cards are not widely accepted here.
  5. Communication: STD booths close down before 10 in the night hence it is advised that you should contact your family and friends in the evening only before the closure of markets. There are post offices and tourism board which can also help in establishing communication links.
  6. Transport facilities: Within the Leh Ladakh region, the transport facilities are excellent as a large fleet of taxis and mini buses is there. Local drivers and guides know about all the tourist attractions quite well.
  7. Photography restrictions: In several areas and at some sites there are photography restrictions so it is advised that permission should be asked for before a shot is taken.

For more details on passport, permits and other things, please contact our tour planner.