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Fair and Festival in Ladakh

Fair & Festival in Ladakh

Apart from exciting adventure, sightseeing etc one of the most memorable experiences to enjoy in Leh Ladakh are the local fairs and festivals. These fairs/ festivals are representative of a rich cultural heritage of the Ladakhi region. We say that while on a Ladakh tour, soaking yourself up in the joy of a colourful and cheerful atmosphere during a fair/ festival is a great idea! Here we throw some light on the most popular festivals/ fairs of Leh Ladakh:

  1. Hemis Festival: Hemis Festival is the most well known festival of Leh Ladakh and one which is celebrated on the largest scale. Celebrated on the 10th day of Tibetan lunar month (precisely June 20th) (birth anniversary of Guru Rimpoche), this festival sees spectacular masked dance performances.
  2. Dosmoche Festival: Falling in the winter month of February, Dosmoche is one of the two ‘new year festivals’ in Leh Ladakh region. It is celebrated with much merriment and excitement throughout the Leh region and especially the Leh Palace. Special offerings and scrumptious local dishes are prepared on this day.
  3. Losar: As mentioned above this is a festival when the people of Leh Ladakh celebrate the start of their new year during the months of December/ January. Lavishly produced dance drama performances are a star attraction on Losar.
  4. Ladakh Festival: As the name suggests, this 15 days festival (in September) celebrates the vibrant culture of Ladakh region. Local people engage in the fete like anything as traditional music and dance performances are performed by them. Archery festival is also observed during this carnival.
  5. Yuru Kabgyat: This is a festival seeing a great attendance of Buddhists from outside India. Held during July-August, this festival sees majestic dance drama by colourfully dressed and masked Lamas (Lord Yama and Padmasambhava being the principal characters portrayed)