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Climate In Leh Ladakh

Climate In Leh Ladakh

Being one amongst the most sought after adventure and vacation destinations of India, travellers should look in for the right time to visit Leh Ladakh because lying at a high altitude, it generally remains cold as compared to the rest of India and characteristic dry winds blow throughout. Read on for getting a sneak-peek of the climatic conditions during specific months of the year:

January: Leh Ladakh is extremely cold in January and remains inaccessible due to thick snow blanket that covers up the whole region.

February: Biting cold is still there but small retailers are seen opening up their shops to earn a living for their family.

March: Temperature goes up to 5°C- 6°C during the day but nights are still cold. Intermittent snow falls still prevalent.

April: Better than March, in April people get some relief from the bitter cold, start resuming their normal activities.

May: Tourism picks up momentum in Leh Ladakh as highways start opening up. Good month for planning a sightseeing tour.

June: A sunny month and one when travellers will enjoy adventurous activities the most because neither it’s too hot during the day nor it’s too chilling at night.

July: Hottest month for Leh Ladakh area. Still a good time for having glimpses of the best tourist attractions which include monasteries and wildlife.

August: Winter season knocks the door and it starts getting cold. We advise you to stuff up your bag with some warm woollens to beat the chill!

September: The temperature dips but not so considerably. Tourist traffic declines during this month.

October: Now here comes the bad cold! People start staying indoors, not so good time to explore Leh Ladakh.

November: Temperature goes down to the level that it’s not suitable for travellers, highways start closing up.

December: Most of the highways are closed during this month therefore making Leh Ladakh stand secluded.