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Spituk Monastery

Spituk Monastery – Ladakh

Spituk Gompa is considered as one of the exemplary monastery because of the work done in it. Overlooking Leh’s airport runway, just 5kms from the main city of Leh; it has got one of the most amazingly coloured prayer hall. The hall with colourful paintings of Lord Buddha comes ablaze with the beautiful idol of Tsongkhapa who is said to have spread GELUKPA Buddhism in the area.
One can readily hear the story of Tsonghapa Nose Bleeding from monks who are ready to speak (as they generally keep silent)! The entire monastery is surrounded by natural beauty of snow cladded hills in the winter and greenery in summers! On the very top of the monastery, oe can find a 3 – tired Spirit Shrine – locally called Latho. Nearby there is also this Palden Lama Temple which is known for Mask dance held in the month of Feb – March.

Major Attractions

  • Spituk Monastery is very near to main city of Leh. So, there are a number of things one can do once back in town. Go for Cycling (Himalayan Bikers), Meditation and Yoga (Mahabodhi Centre), 3 days Vipassana Meditation courses (Choglamsar Centre) as you enjoy the scenic beauty of Leh.
  • Go for river rafting (Splash Adventures and Yama Adventures) and Kayaking. Trekking is another adventure you can enjoy here in summers.
  • Food is at its best. Enjoy Tibetan food at Bon Apetit, Zen Garden, Grill   & Curry; and Ostal Restaurant. These also offer Continental food. Pizzas are best at La Pizzeria!
  • Travellers Advice: Try to take a guided tour as there is so much to see around. And yes, always keep the small medical kit with you – just in case!