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Shey Monastery

Shey Monastery – Ladakh

Shey Monastery lies around 15 kilometers from Leh. Shey used to be the Summer Capital of Ladakh some years back and still presents the some of the most beautiful places of Leh!
Shey Monastery which was built in the year 1655, was originally built on the instructions of King of Ladakh – Deldan Namgyal. Shey Gompa is known globally for its Giant Copper and Gold statue (5 kgs of Gold has been blended with copper in the statue) of seated Shakyamuni Buddha. The idol a 39 ft icon with images of 2 main disciples of Buddha – Sariputra and Maudgalyayana! The walls near the statue represent 16 Arhants (saints achieving Nirvana) – 8 on each side. This statue which is supposed to be the 2nd largest in Ladakh represents Sakyamuni Buddha, the sage of Sakya people whose capital was Kapilvastu. Located in Indus Valley; one can easily see Zanskar range of hills on its southern side.
The 1st floor of the Monastery has beautiful paintings to look out for and the lower floor has a library with original Buddhist manuscripts.

Main Attractions

  • Real Gold laded idol of Shakyamuni Buddha with beautiful eyes.
  • The Shey Palace(although not well – maintained), look really beautiful from a distance.
  • A Shrine called Sengge Namgyl which is just 400 meters from the palace.
  • Shey Doo Lhoo Festival which is celebrated in the month of July or August to mark Sowing Season. Also attend Shey Rupla festival in which Rupha dance is performed by 2 men in Tiger costumes.
  • Get Oracle reading done during Shey Doo Lhoo Festival. The Oracle reader is here for ust 3 days, comes riding on a horse – back and then disappears.
  • Travellers advice: Not to be missed out place as well as Monastery!