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Matho Monastery

Matho Monastery – Ladakh

Another Tibetan Monastery, Matho is located just 26 kms from the main city of Leh in Ladakh.The only living example of Sakypa Sect of Tibetan Buddhism, it is known to the world for its Oracle Matho Nagrang Festival.
The Gompa is also known world – over for its ages old “Thangkas” dating back to 14th century! Travellers, painters, historians, artists, curators come to Matho Monastery study these original paintings based on Buddhist teachings. Founded in the year 1410 by Lama Dugja Dorje; it has got a real collection of 600 years old Thangkas.

The Festival of Oracles which is held every year, taking place in the 1st half of March month, is recognized for the 2 Oracles or fortune-tellers who come here. These 2 Oracles purify themselves for months by fasting and meditation and especially come here to answer the questions of hundreds who throng in! When in trance, these Oracles are able to perform feats like cutting themselves with knives and walking on ramparts of top stories blind-folded! They are well – revered by Buddhist clan around!

Main Attractions

  • Paintings or Thangkas which are 600 years old are not only a beauty to see but also a part for study of many historians!
  • Festival of Oracles filled with Dance, music and food calls for real predictions by 2 Oracles.
  • See the Matho Museum which has been recently restored and well worked upon!
  • Traveller’s Advice: Enjoy evening and afternoon walks in the local town as you go on buying the local stuff like Masks, Chortens idols, warm woollens and even sips coffee at some of the best restaurants around.