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Lamayuru Monastery

Lamayuru Monastery – Ladakh

The beauty of Lamayuru Monastery lies in the hillock it is located on! From a distance it looks more like a small beautiful fairy – tale Palace; rather than a Monastery! Something simply altruistic! Located in the famous Indian Kargil District of Ladakh, it happens to be the oldest and largest existing Gompa in Ladakh! With 150 permanent resident Monks, it’s known world over for its Masked Dance Festival happening in the month of Jan – February every year! Even revered Dalai Lama comes to see this popular Mask Dance every year! Be here to experience height, clouds touching the heights of mountains and the Monks who silently sit and pray!

Main Attractions

  • The location of the Monastry itself is so charming that there is nothing else compared to it. Get you most sophisticated lenses to capture the natural beauty which enlightens the entire place. This place is also called “Moonland” becos of the landscape it naturally offers!
  • Inside Yungdrung Gompa, just behind the Glass within the prayer hall is a tiny cave in which 11th century Naropa (local revered Buddhist) meditated. Have a look here!
  • Dragon Guest House: Equipped with working geysers and a warm staff, its one of the best place to stay in.
  • Best Time to Visit: May – June
  • Traveller’s advice: Local buses stop here briefly so watch out when it nears in! Buses come from Kargil, Leh, Shargol and Srinagar. Lamayuru is  a good starting point for Zanskar Valley !