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Korzok Monastery

Korzok Monastery – Ladakh

Korzok is a Tibetan Monastery, a much revered one is around 300 years old. This WWF – India recognized monastery has been pledged as “Sacred Gift for a Living Planet”. Founded in 17th century it best reflects Tibetan Architecture. With approximately 70 monks residing here; it is also one of the most happening monasteries around with a host of festivals happening throughout the year. However, only a few are open for tourists.
On entering the monastery one can see the beautiful Shaykamuni Buddha. There are also other images of small deities; beautiful paintings called Thangkas which are awesome to look at. Old paintings are there which have been there for centuries have been painstakingly restored. Beautiful coloured flags welcome tourists from a distance. Look a little further and one can see Tsomoriri Lake, one of the highest lakes in the world! The entire valley is also known as Rupshu Valley. It is also a unique landscape to look at!
Main Attractions

  • Local festival known as Korzok Gu – Stor held in the monastery. Lasting for 2 days in the month of July /August, it attracts a lot of Tibetic nomadic herdsmen. Black Hat dancers and dispersal of Stroma (sacrificial cake)by the leader of Black Hat dancers in the ceremony of Argham or killing.
  • Local Fauna is at its best here. Look out for nomadic Himalayan birds, Wild ass or Kiang, Marmots as well as foxes which roam around freely. Kids simply love watching these.
  • Travellers Advice: Keep the medical kit in your backpack especially vomiting and vertigo ones.