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Tso moriri Lake

Tso moriri Lake - A Scenic Splendour

Tso moriri Lake in the Rupshu Valley of Changthang region  receives water from the snow melt of the Himalayan mountains. It is surrounded by a spectacular view of the Tibetan cold desert on one side and the steep hills on the other. Tsomoriri Lake has been declared as an official Wetland Reserve.s The Changthang Plateau region is rich in flora and fauna. 

Things to do in Tso moriri lake

  • Camping
  • Photography
  • Wildlife
  • Driving
  • Picturesque Landscape

Religion and Culture
There are many Buddhists as well as Sunni Muslims in the area. The Changpas are the main inhabitants of this region who basically raise farms like Yaks, sheep, Tibetan horses and goats. They also trade in the Ladakh region with caravans.

The simple and friendly people of this region spend time grazing their animals and oblige the tourists with their home cooked food that they provide for tourists. 

The 400 years old Korzok Monastery attracts many tourists and is situated on the western bank.

Social Structure
The head of the family is the eldest son and he takes care of everything including property. The younger sons usually choose to become Lamas and stay in monasteries while some continue as the family man.

Buddhism is almost like synonym to Ladakh. It has its Tibetan roots deep set in the cold deserts of Ladakh.

Reaching Tso Moriri Lake
The nearest airport is Leh. You can drive down from Pangong Tso via Changtang region for a
pictureseque drive to Tsomoriri Lake.