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Stok Khangri- an adventurous journey

Stok - Khangri- an adventurous journey

In the village of Stok in Ladakh, lies the highest mountain of the Stok range known as Stok Khangri. It is used for altitude mountaineering which can be done without any technical training. The Stok Palace built by King Tsepal Tondup Namgyal in 1825 which is an example of traditionally contemporary architecture.

Things to do in Stok Khangri

  • Trekking
  • Camping
  • Festivals
  • Palace and Museum
  • Photography

Religion and Culture
The Stok Palace organizes an annual festival where there are mask dances and lot of people come to see them. The royal clothing and crowns can be seen on display. The people of this area are mostly followers of Buddhism and religious beliefs prevail too.

The friendly people of the Stok village are always ready to help in whatever ways they can. They help in providing home cooked meals and your stay here will be reasonably good with simple cheerful rustic people around. These people are close to nature.

The Stok Gompa has a huge famous library that holds all 108 volumes of Kangjur. The Stok Placae in itself is an architectural marvel while it also enjoys the status of being the home of the Royals. It is now also a museum beholding royal artefacts.

Social Structure
The eldest son gets to inherit the property as well as takes up responsibility to look after his entire family. The younger ones may become Lamas.

Buddhism resides in every corner of Ladakh and speaks about its presence in the architecture and the Monasteries.

Reaching Stok Khangri
The nearest railway station is Jammu Tawi and the airport is Leh. Cab facilities and buses are easily available.