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Phugthal- a breathtaking destination in Ladakh

Phugthal - a breathtaking destination in Ladakh

Amongst many beautiful places to visit in Ladakh,  Phugthal stands strong as a popular tourist destination. What makes this place attractive is the most enchanting Phugthal Monastery. It is situated close to the tributary of the river Lungnak or Lingti-Tsarap.

Things to do in Phugthal

  • Monastery
  • Photography
  • Festivals
  • Trekking
  • River Rafting

Religion and Culture
Buddhism is the main faith of the people in Ladakh. Even though some other religions are followed but everyone lives in harmony.

Phugthal is a simple place with simple people. In general, the people of Ladakh are cheerful, friendly and strong. They enjoy themselves during the festivals. The women wear traditional dresses which is usually a thick woollen robe and a colourful band. The men too wear head bands and pyjamas.

The Phugthal monastery is situated in the district of Zanskar.  This isolated monastery is situated over the top of a cliff and emerges from the mouth of a cave looking breathtakingly beautiful. It is made up of mud and wood and still stands strong and remains a pilgrimage for the Buddhists. The overpoweringly attractive frescos on the walls and ceilings leave the tourists spellbound. The monastery can be reached by trekking and the guests are allowed to stay.

Social structure
The Ladakhis have a patriarchal society. Hence the eldest son inherits the property and is the head of the family. The younger son can become a Lama or maintain a family if he wants.

Ladakh is essentially associated with Buddhism. It has its Tibetian roots embedded from many centuries. 

Reaching Phugthal
Nearest airport is Leh and Srinagar. Phugthal can be reached on the trekking route from Padum to Manali.