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Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley - Destination Guide

It is situated in the North East of the Ladakh. This town is enwrapped with majestic mountain ranges, slopes, and oasis of villages providing it with appealing natural beauty. It is the remote place which provides with most splendid relaxation.
Things to do in Nubra Valley

  • Shrines
  • Monuments
  • Horseback and camel rides
  • Museum and Galleries
  • Palaces and castles
  • Restaurants

Religion and Culture
The inhabitants of the town are very hospitable and immensely strong people. Buddhism is the religion followed by most of the people in here. The other inhabitants are Balit of Gilgit Baltistan. There are also Shia and Shufia Nurbhakshia Muslims.

Since this place lies near the Line of control, a mingling of the culture can be seen in the lifestyle. The Tibetan lifestyle is prominent in here.

The landmark of the city is the 32 meter Maitreya Buddha idol, which is well taken care by the Buddhist Monastery. It is a 350 year old monastery and depicts the Tibetan style of architecture.

Social Structure
The inhabitant of the city, follow their old customs. The extreme weather condition also poses a hurdle in their living.

The prominent religion of the place is Buddhism. The inhabitants, their way of living and their rituals also provides a peak of the religion.

Reaching Nubra Valley
The nearest airport to the destination is Leh Kushok Bakula Riponche Airport, from here, the tourists can avail jeep or bus. No railheads in the region. The feasible road network allows the tourist to travel by road.