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Karsha- An interesting landscape of Ladakh

Karsha - An interesting landscape of Ladakh

Drass is a small town in the Kargil district which is also known as the "Gateway to Ladakh" beginning from the Zojila Pass. It is supposed to be the second coldest place on earth. During summers however this place looks enchanting and is flocked by many trekkers. 

Karsha is a place located in Padum Valley in Zanskar over Stod River.  The rugged terrains and the cultural influence with a charming natural beauty attracts many tourists across the globe. 

Things to do in Karsha

  • Festivals and Fairs
  • Landscape
  • Photography
  • Monastery
  • Trekking

Religion and Culture
Buddhism is followed by most of the people here even though some muslim population is also a part of the society. Karsha is famous for its Gustor festival which is celebrated for 3 days and is marked by the famous mask dance by the Lamas. This is usually celebrated during July.

Karsha is a small village with basic necessities. So people here are quite hard working and friendly. The simplicity of the people amongst the ruggedness of the cold land gives you warmth.

The Karsha monastery is indeed the largest monastery in Zanskar district. It is controlled by the younger brother of Dalai Lama. It was founded by Phagspa Sherab who was a famous translator.

Social Structure
The main structure here is that the eldest son heads the family as well inherits the property. The younger ones may chose to become family people or Lamas.

Buddhism resides in every corner of the place, be it monasteries, chapels or the Chortens. The chortens are the mummified Lamas preserved in an ornate way and depicting various stages of spiritual attainment.

Reaching Karsha
Karsha can be approached by 9 km long link road from Padum talikg the Stod River iron bridge. Alternatively, it can be reached from the Kargil-Padum road where a 17km link road branches towards Tungri, 12 kms before Padum. The nearest airports are Leh and Srinagar.